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Hi folks! Been a while since I wrote my last posting J This time I’m trying to post any any any stuffs related to English. HA! Hope you guys find these stuffs well-informed and useful, either for teachers or for learners :) 

Most of them are in power point format, so you can use this as your teaching materials, as well as your sources for studying. Besides, the templates are cool! For you who want to present a nice and wonderful presentation, you can use the templates, and all you need to do is just edit the materials and replace them with your own presentation materials :)

Here I have English materials about adjective clause. It contains learning objectives, explanation, examples, and exercises. What? You don’t know what adjective clause is? Haiish. An adjective clause is a dependent clause that modifies a noun. It describes, identifies, and gives further explanation about the noun. Some people mention this as relative clause. Confused, eh? Well, usually it uses who, whom, whose, which, that, when etc. to show the subordinate clause. Nah, now you remember :D
So, just feel free to download the ppt. file .. it’s all free of charge :D

Klik HERE, adjective clause ppt to download :D

Wanna find other English materials? I have bunch of them! 

here is the link. you just need to klik them and the link to download will appear soon. come on! let's learn english :)

I give you some subtitle of the presentation that you would like to download :))
it contains the definition of adjectives, the general classification, adjective with noun, adjective order, adjectival phrase, comparison of adjectives, adjectives and adverbs, and the usage of “used to+V-ing”. It also gives you the exercises! Hope you find this useful and informative! :D

Klik the following link to download the file 

and this link download ADJECTIVES 2 english materials.ppt is the other version (TOEFL materials). 

from this now on, I'm trying to share you the lessons about text genre. this is what my students mostly ask about. so here they are, as usual, in power point format so that both teachers and learners can use it either for teaching or for studying.

I provide you two version of presentations, one of them is interactive. the other is not, yet, still cool to present! :)) i bet you'll like the templates :))

just klik this following link to download the interactive one

download ANALYTICALEXPOSITION1interactive.ppt

and this link for the other one :))


enjoy folks! happy learning english ♥
here are other english materials for you!

contoh salah satu isi dan template presentasi yg tersedia di donlotan ini :)

or you might tell me what do you need for studying. i'll provide all your requests here :)

sementara ini, baru segini yg udah dhie upload. pokoknya klo ada yg perlu bahan ajar atau bahan belajar bahasa inggris, atau bahasa jepang atau spanyol jg bisa. rekues aja yaa insyaAllah dhie bisa sediain :)

happy learning english guys :))

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