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Assalamu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh 
Hi folks! 
See the title above? “ABOUT ME” yes.
Well, normally I don’t like to buzz around about who and how and what I am. I would usually just tell you guys that I’m unique and as normal as all of you 
Yet in this page I would like to be a bit show-off, in a positive way. Hahaa .. Well, please just accept this in a positive way. Here I wanna share about some INCREDIBLE people within my life who make my days so amazing in every minute ♥  if you don’t feel like you wanna read my “about-me-part” then you can skip into the other parts, about those people ..

Okay. Here are the about me part :)

I’m dhie. Can you see my name? No letter is in capitals. Hey, why? Bcoz I think I’m all tiny hahaa..  surely, I’m thin and skinny and cute. Bold that last words :)

how to spell my name (read: DI)

I’m a lady. Not a woman yet, I’m a bit childish. But not a girl either, I’m married hahaa J I’m wearing veil, yeah you can see that on my photos, and I’m a REAL girl, but I looooove everything boyish. I like playing guitar, I like watching soccer match or motogp race, I love boys’ stuff, including boy’s t-shirt, shoes, toys, etc. and, I can not cook. Seriously, my husband sometimes usually cooks for me :)
suamiku pinter masak!

I love black and white and blue. Yeah I know this blog doesn’t match my colour and personality but let’s ignore them. Just read the content, okay :)
My favourite thing is music. For me, music never hurts. That’s why I love playing guitar or listening to the music. I like reading, (novels, comics, newspaper, blogspot :), all that can be read but my fav one is dictionaries), making friends, starring at the sky in the noon and night, hanging with my hubby or my friends, writing, traveling, learning foreign languages, I like photography, art, psychology, graphic design, anime, indonesian and japanese culture, snail, chocolate, stars, solar system, mineral water, guitarist, drummer, guys with spectacles, games, hwaa I love almost everything. But I don’t like garlic, onion, meatball, vanilla milk, and I’m an arachnophobia, means that I’m extremely scare of spider. even the tiny one. Brr.. 

koleksi snail sayaaa.. saya suka keoong ♥

jam keong pemberian abang abang-an saya, yudha prawira :) sukaaaa.. dia bikin sndiri loh ♥

love guitar-ing :)

bikin vektor pke coreldraw :)

I’m an extrovert lady. I speak frankly, expressively, and sometimes a bit exaggerating hahaa. These make me hardly ever cry even when I am sad, but I can cry just because of seeing senior citizens with poor lives or seeing my beloveds crying. Most friends of mine say that I’m cheerful, friendly, flexible, helpful, care, passionate, smart, creative, and reliable. Ouch, sounds narcistic, isn’t it? 
Yeah, I myself say that I’m lazy, abstract, careless, forgetful, hypocrite, sensitive, moody, and ambitious. Huff. So many things bad about me 

Don’t worry. Above all, I’m a kindhearted lady. I would never try to treat my friends bad.
You know what, I could write for years just to write every every verything about me haaa.. just stop spazzing, alrite? You will know me well after being my close friend. So, be my friend, will you? ♥

well, Let’s just talk about some beloved peoples within my amazing life.
The first person in my life, the most beloved one, the most important one, my beloved husband (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)
I call him “mas indra”. He call me? Aaah, *blushing* 

you don’t wanna know hahaa.. he’s an aquarius. He’s a water man. He’s cool, sejuk, adem, menenangkan, dan melepas dahaga. Halaah.. he’s a gentleman, a handsome guy, inside and out and he’s my true love ♥

He hardly ever gets angry to me. He never says bad words, he is patient and calm and charming. Dunno what to say anymore, he’s just all that. He’s perfect to me ♥

Here he is.

The second person is my mom. She is the most beloved woman in my life. Well, I bet you all agree that our moms are the best women in the entire world. She’s my second inspiration, my model to be a good wife for my hubby, a good mom for my children, and a good daughter for her. I will write about her later, in this blog :)

The third is my dad. He’s another hero in my life. he’s so incredible that I think I could never finish writing about him. however, I wrote about him in this blog, a full page article  you can find it HERE, klik disini silakaan..
Here he is, just as handsome as my hubby :)
my dad and me, on my wedding day :)

Some parts of my life, my little sisters. I have two, 21 and 7 years old J they are cute, and unlike me, they’re beautiful   Wow.. here they are..

Hey, I’m out of time at the moment. Need to go now. My hubby’s calling me. I’ll continue later. See you around guys  

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have my own passions means pretending to be deaf about what jealous people said about me,i'm proud of being me and i don't live for them!


  1. well, semua orang yang terlahir dengan keunikannya masing-masing...

    i'm glad to know more about you ^_^

  2. Salam kenal, saya Emil dari Garut.
    Saya baru di blog, jadi mau ngenalin blog baru terebut:


    Semoga berkenan


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